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Html5 Mobile First Responsive Website Builder

What is Lanbri?

Lanbri provides a service for platforms to allow their visitors to create and edit creative works online, these platforms could consist of hosting providers, niche services (resume builders etc..), social networking sites (profiles, business pages), application mockups, web design firms etc..

Modern platforms need tight integration with their current software, hosting control panels etc, as well as the ability for guests to create works and publish those works after purchasing service from our partners.

The video below is a demonstration of the feature set prototype for our initial release of our software as a service!
How can you help?

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Completing the statement of interest form above, will allow us to gain the necessary information about our potential client base and their needs going forward.

Pledge Your Support

Lanbri is offering both corporate and individual perks for helping to expedite the development of our services, to help empower our partners and their clients creativity! Pledge your support

Provide Feedback

Feedback even pre-beta release is always crucial, opening a line of communication with potential partners and/or their clients is essential.

Please use the email or call information located at the top of this page to get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts whether they are positive or negative, we will respect and learn from every suggestion/comment!

Features & Concepts

Below illustrates the initial feature list for our services

  • Integration with major control panels, to provide our partners with the communication needed with our services to service their clients
  • Our software, your infrastructure. Don't worry about updating software across a cluster of server, becoming outdated.
  • Completely brandable to match your already established corporate identity!
  • Full featured html5 responsive mobile first website/project designer
  • Targets 6 major viewports from small mobile phone, to large hi resolution monitors
  • Categorized drag and drop components, drag and drop re-positioning, hide content at any viewport (ie: show a mobile image only to mobile viewports)
  • Visual tools to control, size, font, background, padding, margins etc...
  • CSS3 features like rounded corners, text transformation, scaling etc..
  • Mobile first loads assets for mobile phones first, then scales up with bigger dimension viewports to allow for the fastest response times.
  • Best practices enforced on the technical level, no absolute positioning.

We would love to hear from you, regarding your thoughts on our upcoming software as a service, if you have a second, use the contact information located at the top of this page and let us know your thoughts!

Also please checkout our Indiegogo project page for more information, background on how it got started, and possible benefits of pledging your support to Lanbri!


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